Canvas digital printing is the next best thing to an original artwork

Not all of us can be painters, but digital printing allows us to display family photos, inspirational quotes and children’s art, or any other image as a work of art.  Artist canvas images have been continuously gaining in popularity as a trend for décor and advertising.  Whatever image you choose can be printed onto any shape or size canvas, which is then stretched onto a wooden frame, or framed without being impeded by reflective glass.

What is a Canvas Print?

You may not always be able to tell the difference between an artist’s print and the real thing, but a canvas print is actually a hi-res image that has been printed onto canvas using very high printing technology.  The printing machine scrutinises the colours of the original image and matches the colours as closely as possible.  This means the crisper the colours of the original images; the more perfect the match will be when printed on artist’s canvas. Even if you have chosen a large canvas, the image will still be clear, as long as the original is high quality.  The end result is an original way to display your favourite pictures that can simply be hung on a wall, giving a home or office a striking new artwork.

A million and one different ideas

Do people actually take note of advertising or marketing material when they walk into an office or business space? For a different approach, why not have a large canvas print of your staff members or several smaller prints of some professional photographs taken of your products, which can be displayed like works of art in a gallery? This will create a thought-provoking introduction to your company for anyone waiting in your reception area.

Are you looking for an original way to make sure that the kids have all they need before leaving the house? Create a large, fun checklist that can be displayed next to your front door to ensure nothing is left behind.

Do you have a special photo of friends who are getting married?  This would make a gorgeous and thoughtful wedding gift for the couple to display in their home.

The list of uses for artist canvas prints is as endless as your imagination. Contact us today and discuss your ideas for canvas printing with our experienced and highly creative staff.